Sasha Targ

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Emergent Properties of Co-Cultured Cells

Diana Leung, Xu Zhou, Niko McCarty, and Sasha Targ

A preliminary investigation of how cell context (e.g. cell type composition and pH) alters the ways the population responds to perturbations using fibroblast and macrophage co-culture systems.

Free-Living Chloroplasts: A Preliminary Investigation

Kian Faizi, Pam Silver, Niko McCarty, and Sasha Targ

Can gene repatriation and/or metabolic 'life support' allow chloroplasts from Chlamydomonas reinhardtii to survive freely?

Protein Fingerprinting with Short Peptides

Katherine Xiang, Fei Chen, Niko McCarty, and Sasha Targ

A preliminary investigation of developing a mRNA-oligo conjugate strategy for protein fingerprinting with short peptides.

Reprogramming microbes with horizontal gene transfer

Riley Stockard, Adam Arkin, Niko McCarty, and Sasha Targ

Results and learnings from developing a model system for infiltrating and destroying microbial communities with a horizontal gene transfer-based genetic circuit. (Coming soon)

'Design and delivery' strategy of nanobody fusions as a potential immunotherapy

Avadhoot Jadhav, Hidde Ploegh, Niko McCarty, and Sasha Targ

A proof-of-concept for a novel computationally-informed strategy to design and deliver a library of fusion proteins that can target a specific protein — such as the SARS-CoV-2 spike — at various sites on its surface and enhance immune clearance. (Coming soon)

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